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Site update

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you can find a small portion of some of the work I've done. Admittedly this site is a bit out of date (design is a bit misleading as my focus is more on development and it annoys me that I haven't changed that) I am hoping to rectify that soon. I'm developing a PHP based CMS and will likely use this site to test it.

Ely Plumbing and Boilers

I've been helping a local Ely plumber called Nick Baker with freshing up his website. I think this will be an interesting project simply because it appears the plumbing and heating trade can be quite competitive at the moment. I've noticed many companies turn to using under-handed tactics such as hidden (to the user) pages to boost their rankings. I'm hoping to help boost his site without resorting to cheap tactics. We shall see if I'm up to the task!


I'm slowly moving away from MySQL to PostgreSQL as I do think rather nice. The change initially started as part of a personal crusade against Michael Widenius' selfish attack on the Oracle Sun deal but the fact that PostgreSQL also happens to be awesome makes the transition even easier!

Head Energy

As I'm a bit wrapped up in some projects and not really taking on any work at the moment, I feel the least I can do is push viewers in the direction of an excellent company based in Norfolk doing web development. The company is Head Energy Ltd. I've personally worked with one of the guys and can vouch for their ability. One of their most recent satisfied customers is the Eastern Carbon Reduction Initiative.

Head Energy will be able to help you with Java and PHP based web development. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

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